Novagraphix™ - Blog by Steve Fraschini
Hello world. I'm Steve Fraschini.

Defined as a multidisciplinary artist since 2K02, i’m a Paris based designer and digital artist born and raised in France. Known as Novagraphix to illustrate my work around the web, I also worked during 10 years as composer for french platinum artists under the name Medeline.

My work :
FRACTALE REMINISCENCE par stevefraschiniFractale Reminiscence is the 2nd spectral digital art series beyond dreams and imagination, made with a WebGL process and synthesized pictures. An emotional fireworks with a positive energy, a futuristic heritage of human being, a powerful artistic vision. ( Guests: Nelson “Madiba” Mandela, James White, Michael Jackson, Zombie Boy, Natalie Portman, Eminem, Kanye West, Angelina Jolie and more)
Fractale Reminiscence by Steve Fraschini // on Behance
Fractale Reminiscence by Steve Fraschini // on Behance
Ghost Memories by Steve Fraschini
Gameloft App
design by Steve Fraschini // Novagraphix
Nike - Rise of Xenomorphs [ by NovaGraphix ]
#FACET - 5/365 - JMM
Fantasmagorik X Novagraphix - Michael Jackson’s Rebirth
More details : behance network
Gangster by Cristiano Siqueira
Dead Space 3 by Obery Nicolas